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Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)

With integrated inclinometers, GPS, and laser range-finding the Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT) combines accurate measurement with convenience and traceability features.



Antenna Alignment Sensor

Using IoT based leave-behind alignment sensors and cloud-based management and reporting, the solution can monitor and report any antenna that has been moved due to weather or other event.



Antenna Attitude Sensor Lite

To provide consistent and accurate realtime readings of mechanical tilt and roll 'plumb' of your antennas through existing AISG network,



Microwave Path Alignment

Path Align your microwave antennas in minutes not hours. Alignment of your microwave links has never been faster or easier.


AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT)

Field-proven, High-quality Antenna Alignment Solution
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E911 White Paper

Download the Sunsight E911 Location Accuracy white paper.

E911 White Paper PDF

Google Earth E911 White Paper

Download the Sunsight white paper, Effect of Google Earth and Angle of Arrival Inaccuracies on E911 Location.

Google Earth E911 White Paper PDF

LTE White Paper

Download the Sunsight LTE white paper, How Antenna Misalignment Effects your Network’s LTE Data Throughput.

E911 White Paper PDF

GPS Height Estimates vs. Measured AGL

Learn why AGL height measurements with our LASER rangefinder are superior to GPS height estimates. MSL vs AGL accuracy PDF

Sunsight Instruments manufactures antenna alignment tools for businesses in many different industries, including such cellular service providers as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Our products include tools such as the Microwave Path Alignment tool, Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT), Antenna Attitude Sensor (AAS) and Antenna Attitude Sensor Light.

The Sunsight Instruments team is made up of engineers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, combining the experience and expertise of Mechanical and Electrical engineers from NASA with Systems, Software, and RF Engineers who have worked in the telecommunications industry. Together, we have a high level of expertise that helps us design antenna alignment solutions that are as reliable and cost-effective as possible while helping our customers enjoy the benefits of a greater level of accuracy.

On our website, you can learn more about our individual antenna alignment tools, download white papers detailing how antenna misalignment can affect various technologies (such as wireless networks) and how our products can help provide the necessary accuracy or view training videos to help you learn to make better use of our products. You can also request a demo or get a quote on any of our products.

We welcome the opportunity to show you what antenna alignment tools from Sunsight Instruments can do for you.

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