About Us

Since 2006, Sunsight has been at the forefront of the technology evolution in alignment systems. With a combined 80+ years of Engineering and Management experience, Sunsight is uniquely equipped to offer innovative, reliable solutions and alignment products for wireless communication systems and other industries.

Sunsight is a design, development and manufacturing organization that produces precision antenna alignment tools, antenna monitoring systems and other innovative products supporting a wide variety of industries. The company is made up of Systems, Software, and RF Engineers from the telecommunications sector, combined with veteran NASA Mechanical and Electrical Engineers experienced in satellite sensor technologies.

Some of the industries served by Sunsight include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Defense/Military
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Mining
  • Alternative Energy
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation

Sunsight’s products are built to last, delivering accurate, reliable and robust results. These precision tools offer transparent reporting technologies, delivering outstanding quality of service (QoS) for both service providers and end users. More than just innovative solutions, our products provide peace of mind.

Sunsight’s alignment tools and monitoring platforms alleviate network interference issues; eliminate unnecessary maintenance truck rolls and most importantly minimize customer churn. These solutions maximize the use and re-use of wireless frequency spectrum by reducing spectrum interference at the physical level.

Sunsight’s innovative precision tools include:

  • Microwave Path Alignment tool (US patent 9,781,233)
  • Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)
  • Ground-based Azimuth positioning tool
  • Permanently mounted GPS compass
  • Drill rig alignment systems
  • Antenna Attitude Sensor (AAS)
    • Hardwired and IoT versions (US patent 7,718,941 and additional patent pending)
  • Cloud-based reporting and monitoring systems

In addition to providing precision tools to many industries, Sunsight specializes in developing custom and proprietary solutions across many applications and industries. With in-house software, electronic and mechanical design capabilities, Sunsight has partnered with both major corporations and small companies to effectively solve their problems quickly, reliably and economically.

Future Vision

Continuing in this vein, Sunsight is pursuing its 5G and cloud strategy and is currently developing new and innovative alignment sensors and monitors. On the IoT device front, Sunsight will add to its existing sensor and cloud-based systems with the latest 5G hardware to support the hardware initiatives required in various network deployments worldwide. Sunsight fully expects to ride the wave of 5G deployment and our products will be key in getting the required wireless infrastructure deployed to support the explosion of sensors and backhaul equipment.

Our Mission

Design, Innovate, and Manufacture Reliable Solutions.

Innovations and Forward-Thinking Initiatives – Rewarded.

[2006] Designed, patented and built the first solar-based alignment monitoring system for antennas
[2007] Designed, built and deployed the first GPS-based antenna alignment system in the U.S.
[2013] Designed, built and deployed the first GPS/GLONASS alignment system in the world
[2015] Designed, built and deployed the first end-to-end microwave alignment system able to calculate and determine the required path alignment in real-time (patented)
[2016] Designed and built the first IoT based antenna alignment sensor (patent pending)
[2016] Designed and built the first cloud-based data collection and reporting system for alignment data of its type (patent pending)