Custom Alignment Solutions


Sunsight is available for customizing GPS/GNSS-based alginment solutions for varoius industries.  The basic concept of azimuth (compass heading), Tilt, Roll and Height fucntionality can be transplanted into varoius housings, mounts, permanent enclosures, etc.  On top of that, Sunsight designs their own software solutions os special displays, functions, branding can be performed.

In the past, custom solutions have been provided to the wind enegy sectors using a permanently mounted solutions reporting continuous data serially as well as solutions for the oil/gas industry for aligning borigng sensor equipment.

Solutions could be investigated for almost any application where high accuracy azimuth, tilt and roll are needed.  GPS/GNSS compass products are set apart from mangnetic solutions as they are unaffected by ferrous metals.

Contact Sunsight direclty to discuss custom needs from simple mounting solutions, to complete repackaging of the technology.











Turbine AATSide Mount Extension

Azimuth Scope Kit