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Phone: +1 (321) 244-9443 Ext. 2


Links Description
Quick Start Guide AAT30, AAT15 Basic Usage and Function
User’s Manual AAT30, AAT15, AAT08 Full Usage and Care Instructions
AAT Calibration Instruction AAT30, AAT15, AAT08 Calibration Check and Update Procedure
Firmware and Android App  Update Instructions AAT30, AAT15, AAT08 Updating AAT Firmware and Sunsight Android app
Latest AAT30/AAT15/AAT08 Firmware and Android app SUPPORTS SERIAL NUMBERS 901xxxx ONLY
AntennaView Camera Mount Instructions  AAT30, AAT15 Instructions for using Smartphone/Tablet photo mount for AAT30, AAT15
Flat Panel Antenna Mount Instructions AAT30, AAT15 Mounting Instructions for Flat Panel Antennas (Pizza Box/Diamond)
Small Diameter Omni Antenna Adapter Instructions AAT30, AAT15 Mounting Instructions for Small Diameter Omni Tubular
Side Mount Extension Instructions AAT30, AAT15 Side Mount Extension Usage and Application
Small Cell Mount Instructions AAT30, AAT15 Small Cell Antenna Mount Usage and Application
Azimuth Scope Kit Instructions AAT30, AAT15 & AAT08 Azimuth Scope Kit Instructions
Nokia FASB Mount Instructions AAT30, AAT15 Mounting Instructions for Nokia FASB
Ericsson AIR Series Mount Instructions AAT30, AAT15 AIR 11,21,32 Mounting Instructions
AAT Website Passwords AAT30, AAT15 Default Login Credentials
Warranty Documentation AAT30, AAT15 Warranty information and FAQ
Request Return Material Authorization (RMA) Submit service request to Support