AAT30/AAT15/AAT08 Support


Download the latest AAT30/AAT15/AAT08 firmware

Email: support@sunsight.com
Phone: +1 (321) 244-9443 Ext. 2

File Description
Quick Start Guide AAT30, AAT15 Basic Usage and Function
User’s Manual AAT30, AAT15 Full Usage and Care Instructions
Ericsson AIR Series Mount AAT30, AAT15 AIR 11,21,32 Mount Usage
Small Diameter Round Antenna Mount AAT30, AAT15 Mounting Instructions for Small Diameter Round Antennas
Azimuth Scope Kit Manual AAT30, AAT15 & AAT08 Azimuth Scope Kit Instructions
Nokia FASB Mount AAT30, AAT15 Mounting Instructions for Nokia FASB
Firmware Update Instructions Checking and Updating AAT30, AAT15 Firmware
Firmware Update Utility AAT Firmware Update App
AAT Website Passwords AAT30, AAT15 Login Credentials
Warranty Documentation Warranty information for AAT30/AAT15