MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Tool

The only tool that does it all


The MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Tool is the most versatile of the antenna alignment products in Sunsight’s product portfolio. The Sunsight MW Path Alignment Kit is an all-in-one alignment solution that includes the most advanced microwave alignment system in the market, as well as all the features and capabilities of Sunsight’s standard AAT. One MW15 Kit can function in Sunsight’s patented (US 9,781,233) end-to-end microwave mode, the units can be used as two single-ended microwave alignment units, or as two independent AATs for panel antenna alignment. Our easy to use kit is simple to learn and can be operated in minutes. It provides immediate value to your operation in labor savings and the elimination of re-visits.

Sunsight’s Microwave Path Alignment Kits have revolutionized how Microwave Antenna links are aligned. The Microwave Alignment Kits are self-contained alignment systems for aligning microwave links at any line-of-sight distance. These patented systems calculate the required path alignment, including both azimuth and elevation, in real-time using the exact GPS location of both ends of the microwave link.

Some of the advantages of the microwave path alignment products produced by Sunsight are that no active radio transmission is needed on the path being aligned, so removal of the radio or coax is not required. The kits are also completely frequency independent. They are an overlay solution working from the exact GPS locations of the antennas; each of the MW units automatically calculates the required azimuth and elevation. The two units included in the kit work in paired mode or independently, if required, to determine the required path parameters. You will no longer have to wait to find the RF signal from the other side, saving time, frustration, and resources. This state of the art Microwave Path Alignment Kit will take on your toughest path alignment jobs.

The MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Tools are also available for purchase in a single unit. The MW15 single unit offers all the same features as the kit, including use as a standard RF panel alignment tool, and can perform the patented end-to-end alignment when paired with a second MW15 unit.

Key Features of the MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Kit:

  • All-inclusive MW Kit includes two alignment units to allow simultaneous alignment of both sides of the link in minutes.
  • The MW units can be used independently to align one end of the link at a time which creates flexible installation schedules for customers.
  • MW Kit can be used for microwave path alignment or configured for use as two independent RF cellular antenna panel alignment systems with no additional hardware or software, making the MW15 an all-in-one alignment system for microwave and RF panel alignment.
  • MW Kit software determines the required path alignment automatically (target azimuth and elevation) which eliminates problems from data entry, incorrect path data sheets, or changing antenna locations.
  • Frequency and distance independent.
  • Azimuth, elevation, height, and location (Lat/Long) are captured into reports for customer and government communication agency records.
  • Designed with standard mounting points to facilitate creating custom mounting solutions.
  • Has the flexibility to support custom requirements for customer software and packaging of the product.
  • Reduces climber fatigue and time on tower. Faster and safer.
  • Intuitive use of the kit. Both climbers are presented with target and actual alignment values and are able to view the remote end’s alignment progress as well.
  • Field Proven Toughness: solid powder coated aluminum housing, weather resistant (IP65).
  • Measures AGL height if required (with laser rangefinder option).
  • MW unit calibration can be done in the field by user in less than 2 minutes.

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Parts and Accessories
MW15 Kit
Part Number: 1015
Part Name: MW15 Kit

Description: MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Kit (Includes: 2 MW15 Units; 2 Hard Carrying Case p/n 7015, 2 IP68 Sunsight Rugged Tablets p/n 4200; 2 Universal Microwave Mounts p/n 2200)

Microwave Path Alignment Kit Instructions

MW15 Single Unit
Part Number: MW15
Part Name: MW15 Single Unit

Description: MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Single Unit (Includes: MW15 Unit; Hard Carrying Case p/n 7015, IP68 Sunsight Rugged Tablet p/n 4200; Universal Microwave Mount p/n 2200)

Microwave Path Alignment Kit Instructions

Laser Rangefinder
Part Number: 3301
Part Name: Laser Rangefinder Kit

Used to measure AGL Height.

Description: Laser Rangefinder Kit (Includes software activation and standard 2M cable p/n 3302)

Training Video

AIR21 Mount
Part Number: 2100
Part Name: Air21 Mount

Description: Air 21 Mount (required for Ericsson Air21 Air32 or Air 11 Antenna Alignment).

Ericsson AIR Series Mount Instructions

Small Cell Mount
Part Number: 2101
Part Name: Small Cell Mount

Description: Round antenna mount for tubular and Kathrein antennas (ex: Kathrein p/n 840 10515 or 840 10516.

Azimuth Scope Kit
Part Number: 3300
Part Name: Azimuth Scope Kit

For taking azimuth measurements with the AAT from the ground.

Description: Azimuth Scope Kit (Includes spotting scope, mounting bracket, case, and tripod*)

AAT-xx Azimuth Scope Kit Instructions

* Tripod not pictured

Side Mount Extension
Part Number: 2310
Part Name: Side Mount Extension

Description: Side Mount Extension to allow the AAT to be positioned in front of an antenna (for flagpole/monopole).

FASB Mount
Part Number: 3215
Part Name: FASB Mount

Description: Nokia FASB Mount, for Nokia FASB Antenna Alignment.

Nokia FASB Mount Instructions