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File Description
Classic AAT Help CD Zip file containing all Classic AAT Help Docs
Classic AAT Calibration Instructions Classic AAT Calibration Check and Update Procedure
Classic AAT Ericsson AIR 21, 32 Mount Classic AAT AIR 21,32 Mount Usage
Classic AAT Azimuth Scope Kit Manual Classic AAT Azimuth Scope Kit Instructions
Classic AAT Round Antenna Adapter Instructions Using the AAT Classic Round Antenna Adapters
Classic AAT Mount Grip Adjustment AAT Classic Mount Grip Adjustment Instructions
Copying the .AAT file How to save .AAT data file to a PC
Classic AAT Firmware Update Instructions Checking and Updating AAT Classic Firmware
Firmware Update Utility AAT Firmware Update App
AAT Website Passwords Classic AAT Login Credentials
Warranty Documentation Warranty information for Classic AAT
Request Return Material Authorization (RMA) Submit service request to Support