Warranty and Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q:  What does the warranty cover?
A:   The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.  It does not cover issues caused by damage due to shipment, handling, storage, accident, impact, abuse or misuse. Specific product warranty information can be found on the product support page.

Q:  How do I register my AntennAlign Alignment Tool?
A:   It is no longer a requirement to register your Sunsight Products.  However, we do use contact information entered to notify customers of firmware updates for their products. This information is not used for any other form of contact.  CHECK THE WEBSITE OFTEN TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTNG THE LATEST UPDATES FOR THE PRODUCTS (www.sunsight.com).

Q:  How do I determine the warranty period of my AntennAlign?
A:   The length of the warranty is defined on the warranty documentation supplied with the product.  Note that different products as well as accessories, etc may have different warranty periods.  Please refer to the warranty card packed with the equipment (Classic AAT) or loaded into the AAT unit menu (AAT and MW units) for details.  The warranty period begins on the purchase date, as indicated by the documentation from your Sunsight authorized reseller.

Q:  How do I find the serial number of my AntennAlign?
A:   The serial number is located on a label on the bottom or the back of the unit.  It is also displayed when the tool is powered up or at the Main Menu display (AAT and Classic) or on the website of the units (all AATs).

Q:  How do I initiate the return process?
A:   Contact Sunsight using the contact information at support@sunsight.com or request an RMA directly from the www.sunsight.com RMA request page.  A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be assigned that will be used to track the return and repair process.

Q:  Will I be receiving the same AntennAlign in return?
A:   After receipt of the AntennAlign or components requiring repair, Sunsight will diagnose the issue and provide a written report/estimate that will outline the extent of the required repair and the associated charges (if any).

Q:  How should I package and ship my AntennAlign?
A:   Use original Sunsight packaging or equivalent to ship products to Sunsight.  Be sure to write the RMA number legibility on the outside of the box.

Note: The owner retains responsibility for all Sunsight products until they reach Sunsight.  Shipping insurance is HIGHLY recommended.

Q:  Who pays for shipping?
A:   Items to be repaired under warranty will be returned to Sunsight at the owner’s expense.  Repairs covered by warranty (as reasonably determined by Sunsight) will be shipped back to the owner at Sunsight’s expense.  Shipping costs outside of warranty covered items will be at the owner’s expense.

Q:  When will my replacement AntennAlign(s) ship?
A:   Subject to material availability, repairs covered by the warranty will be carried out within 15 days of receipt of the product and shipped back to the owner at Sunsight’s expense.  Repair of items not covered by warranty will be by an estimate approved by the customer before work begins.  The estimate will contain costs of labor and parts as well as expected time frame of completion.

Q:  How do I check the status of an RMA?
A:   Please contact Technical Support at support@sunsight.com