Permanently Mounted GNSS Compass

Sunsight offers a GNSS-based compass product suitable for permanent mounting.  Based on the AAT alignment product-line, the Permanent Compass can provide continuous alignment data including azimuth (compass heading), tilt, roll, latitude, longitude as well as date and time.  The data fields can be individually selected for output.

The data and power interfaces can be configured as RS-485 serial or PoE Ethernet.    Optionally the Permanent Compass can be fitted with a thermostatically controlled heating element for operation in harsh conditions (snow).  The Permanent compass interfaces can exit the housing from the bottom or end of the unit.

Mounting is via threaded mounting points on the bottom of the unit.


Permanent Compass
Azimuth (Heading) Accuracy
+/- .15 RMS
+/- .3 R95
+/- ..4 R99
Tilt and Roll Range and
Accuracy (degrees)
+/- 22.5 range
+/- .1 accuracy
Latitude/Longitude Accuracy < .3 meter**
Horizontal Accuracy (ft) +/- 1**
Vertical Accuracy – MSL (ft) +/- 3**
Size (in) 26 x 3 x 2.6
Weight (lb) 3.5
Temperature Range (F/C) -22/-30 140/60

**  Based on satellite signal conditions

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