Sunsight designs and manufacturers robust, reliable, and transparent alignment solutions resulting in outstanding quality of service (QoS) for both service providers and end users. Sunsight alone is equipped to offer innovative alignment systems for the wireless industry and beyond.

Below you will find our current product offerings; please keep in mind that Sunsight has capabilities to build customized products and mounting options for many diverse markets.

Antenna Alignment Tools

The Sunsight AntennAlign® Alignment Tool (AAT) is the toughest, most accurate antenna alignment tool for cellular panel installation or antenna position audits. The AAT measures antenna alignment in azimuth, tilt, and roll (plumb) while also indicating its AGL height above ground level (with the Laser Rangefinder Option). The only alignment tool accepted by all carriers in all regions, the Sunsight AAT is the best choice for your RF panel alignment needs.


Microwave Path Alignment

Sunsight’s Microwave Path Alignment Kits have revolutionized the field alignment of Microwave Antenna links. These alignment kits are self-contained alignment systems for aligning microwave links at any line-of-sight distance. The patented systems calculate the required azimuth and elevation in real-time using the exact GPS location of both ends of the microwave link. In addition, the MW15 path alignment kit can also be used as two RF panel alignment systems.


Antenna Alignment Sensor

Alignment Monitor

Sunsight’s sensors are small, inexpensive, battery operated units that require nothing more than attaching the sensor using the provided two-sided construction adhesive tape and then activating the unit.  The sensor immediately starts reporting to the cloud.  Collected data can be aggregated from thousands of sensors.



Legacy Products

AAT Family

Classic AAT





The AAT30,/AAT15,/AAT08, MW15/MW08  products have been around for more than a decade with thousands of units still operating in the field all over the world – including many of the first handful ever made in 2008. The  Classic AAT  units still meet wireless carrier specifications and are still supported and serviced by Sunsight.