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MW15, MW08 Microwave Path Alignment Instructions MW15, MW08 Microwave Path Alignment Kit Full Usage and Care
Quick Start Guide for using the MW15 for RF panel alignment MW15  Quick Start Guide for Cellular RF Panel Antenna Alignment
Retrieve Microwave End-to-end Reports from Anywhere MW15, MW08 Website Address for End-to-end Microwave Report Retrieval
MW Unit Calibration Instruction MW15, MW08 Calibration Check and Update procedure
Digital Level Calibration MW15, MW08 Calibrating Included Digital Level
Firmware and Android app Update Instructions MW15, MW08 Checking and Updating Firmware and Android app
Flat Panel Antenna Mount Instructions MW15 Using MW15 for Flat Panel Antennas (Pizza box/Diamond)
RF Small Cell Mount Instructions MW15 Using MW15 for RF Small Cell Antenna Alignment
RF Panel Side Mount Extension MW15 Extending MW15 Mounting Position for RF Panel Alignment Applications
Latest Microwave Path Alignment Firmware and Android app MW15, MW08 Download latest firmware and Android app for the AAT product family
MW15, MW08 Website Passwords MW15, MW08 Login Credentials
Warranty Documentation MW15, MW08 Warranty information
Request Return Material Authorization (RMA) Submit service request to Support