The New Sunsight

Sunsight Models

Sunsight has released a new product line, redesigning the existing AAT30 and MW15 and MW08 Microwave Path Alignment Kits to offer users a more intuitive user interface and updated satellite systems for a faster, easier alignment.

The latest additions to the AntennAlign Alignment Tool ™ (AAT) include
– USB-C cable interface allows use of the AAT in the harshest interfering environments
– Faster GPS/GNSS acquisition times using the latest GNSS positioning technologies
– Completely new icon-based menu minimizes learning curves and language barriers while providing fewer keystrokes and a more flexible user experience
– New mounting system works with more antennas and provides more accurate results
– No onboard display and no maintenance requirement mean Sunsight tools stay in the field

Redesigned User Interface
User Interface
Sunsight alignment systems’ new user interface provides an intuitive visualization and helpful indicators to allow tower technician to reach their target alignment. Azimuth, Tilt, and Roll., are displayed in icons and text. Views are customizable, allowing easier viewing on bright days when reading displays can be difficult. The technician chooses the layout that suits them best.

New WISP AAT Package
AAT Mini WISP Package
Only Sunsight can offer a complete patented end-to-end alignment package for WISP antenna installers using the new AAT mini. The new Wisp package uses a mounting system designed with short-hop, small parabolic antennas in mind. For point-to-point alignments which do not require the heightened accuracy of the Sunsight Microwave Path Alignment (+/- .15 and .08 degrees) Kit, the new WISP offering uses the AAT Mini ( +/- .3) to get the job done quicker and cheaper than ever.

Always accurate. Always reliable. Always Sunsight.
Sunsight continues to offer the lowest purchase price and lowest cost of ownership. No additional costs for photo reporting. A three-year warranty and field-tough ruggedized tool eliminate the need for drop insurance. As always, Sunsight products have no required factory calibration.