Sunsight Adds Enhanced Picture Reporting Feature to the AAT and MW Family of Products

April 2018

Sunsight launches upgrade to AAT and MW family of products to add high resolution pictures to alignment Reports

High resolution photos can be added to AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) reports as well as Microwave  (MW) reports using a new feature from Sunsight as part of the normal alignment record creation.  The feature allows multiple photographs to be taken that can be used to document the AAT or MW as mounted on the antenna as well as views of the horizon to identify any possible obstructions to RF signals from the antenna.  All pictures are embedded with the critical alignment elements including site, sector, antenna position as well as azimuth, tilt, roll, height, lat/long, date, and time.

As a unique Sunsight feature, reports of full sites can be generated that contain alignment data for all antennas on the site as well as their associated pictures.

This feature can be added to any new or existing AAT30, AAT15, or AAT08 product as well as the MW15 and MW08 products..

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Example Microwave Report picture: