Sunsight Launches Virtual Reality Inteference Reporting for AAT Family of Products

March 1 2019 – Visit for more details

Sunsight launches Patent Pending Virtual Reality Interference Reporting (VRIR) upgrade for AAT Antenna Alignment products to be included in their upcoming firmware release.

With the introduction of the VRIR upgrade for the AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT), Sunsight integrates alignment records with Google Earth to allow the following functions:

  • Visually identify interference from adjacent antennas on a sector
  • Visually identify potential interference or signal corruption from obstacles in the path of antenna transmission
  • Use Google Earth history feature to view AAT alignment results over time to identify changes in the environment. Identify new construction, trees or other growth, etc that might affect RF performance.
  • Alignment results can be overlaid on future Google Earth image updates to identify obstruction AFTER the alignment (ex. if an obstruction is near an existing cell site, use the existing alignment record over the new Google Earth images to identify this new obstruction.)