ECSite and Sunsight announce strategic partnership

ECSite and Sunsight partner to make antenna alignment even easier!

Santa Clara, CA – ECSite has integrated the use of Sunsight antenna alignment tools into their automated testing solution. With carriers increasingly mandating the use of antenna alignment tools (AAT) on almost all projects (macros, small cells, and even routine tower maintenance), Sunsight and ECSite now provide a software solution to automatically capture and report alignment results (azimuth, tilt, roll, height) in the close out package. This solution from ECSite and Sunsight make tower technicians more efficient than ever.

ECSite supports testing for iDAS, oDAS, small cells, public safety, PIM mitigation, new site builds, and modifications. Proper antenna alignment specifications are crucial for these projects, and the Sunsight AAT is the only antenna alignment tool accepted by all carriers in all markets in the U.S. In addition, these alignment measurements are auto-captured by ECSite software. Finally, Sunsight-specific reports generated for COPs (PDF, CSV, Google Earth) are easily integrated into the final COP when utilizing ECSite solution software.

Close-out packages are the gateway to payment in the industry, and their timeliness and accuracy are essential for competitive companies in today’s environment. Automation is key to gaining accuracy and speed in today’s hyper-competitive and high-speed world. ECSite software solutions and Sunsight’s AATs allow any size company to provide world-class results for their customers.

“Sunsight is excited to announce our partnership with ECSite in adding another level of field testing automation & documentation to our products. ECSite’s comprehensive automated close-out package, when paired with Sunsight features such as free Photo Reporting and Virtual Reality Interference Reporting, allow users to avoid rework and get paid faster. Sunsight development continues to focus on these robust documentation methods, deep integration with automation tools, and we look forward to a successful collaboration with ECSite.”

– Nicole Icovitti, Director of Operations of Sunsight Instruments, LLC.

“Sunsight offers innovative, reliable solutions and alignment products for wireless communication systems as we dive deep into 5G deployments. ECSite is thrilled to work with Sunsight in a first of a kind integration with Antenna Alignment Tools to provide an end-to-end solution for Antenna Alignment. With this integration, users are able to take antenna alignment requirements from an RFDS through field measurements to reporting the actual alignment data into the Closeout Package through the ECSite mobile app and ECSite cloud without having to enter any data manually throughout the data life cycle. The integration with Sunsight’s mobile app was seamless. We are excited to see this integrated solution be used in small cells and macros”

– Subbu Meiyappan, Founder and CEO of ECSite, Inc.

ECSite customers receive $500 per unit off Sunsight products.
$500 off an AAT30, AAT15, MW15, or MW08 or $1,000 off an MW15 or MW08 Kit purchase.
Contact Sunsight and mention ECSite when ordering. Offer active until December 31, 2020.