T-Mobile Anchor Project: Ericsson Approval of AAT Side Mount

Ericsson Approves use of the Standard Sunsight Side Mount on Air Antennas for AIR 5331 and 5221 Antennas

Ericsson/Sunsight recently completed successful testing of the Sunsight AAT30 Side Mount on Ericsson AIR 5331 and 5221 Antennas.  Sunsight has received the official approval to use Sunsight AAT products on these most recent additions to the Air Antenna product line.

This approval allows the use of the Sunsight AAT on T-Mobile’s Anchor Project deploying Ericsson Air 6449, 5331, and 5221 Antennas.

The versatile standard AAT Side Mount was tested and found to be satisfactory when used on the front and side panels of the antenna, as opposed to the back and side typically used. Testing revealed that the Side Mount easily and reliably secured Sunsight AAT products to Ericsson’s Air 5331 and 5221 Antennas. This latest approval again confirms the versatility of the Sunsight standard mounting system. The compact mount has repeatedly been adapted for most any antenna that has a flat front, side or back without any required upgrade or customer cost.

Sunsight already offers an Air Antenna Mount for the Ericsson Air 21, 32, and 11 Antennas as well as a Top Mount for the Ericsson Air 1641 Antenna.


Modified instructions for mounting the Sunsight AAT to Ericsson Air 5331 and 5221 Antennas are as follows

1) Secure the Side Mount to the Antenna

Position Side Mount side mount as high as possible on the antenna.

Loop strap around antenna and feed end into ratchet buckle.

Pull slack from strap and use the ratchet buckle to tighten strap.

Ensure mount sits squarely on front/side of antenna.

2) Secure the AAT to the Side Mount

Position upper lip of mounting rail on back of AAT into mount grip, rotate AAT into the security latch, until you feel AAT “click” into position.

Tighten both mount thumbscrews.

Secure AAT and mount to structure with the included safety lanyard.

3) Power on and connect to the AAT


Sunsight’s in-house design team have created custom mounting options for various antenna styles across different antenna manufacturers as well as for other industries. If your project has a need for a custom designed solution or you are working with an antenna that seems outside the capabilities of our AAT Side Mount, please contact Sunsight via sales@sunsight.com or call 321.244.9443 with antenna make and model details for personalized mounting recommendations.