Why Sunsight products have no calibration requirement

You ask-We answer: Why doesn’t Sunsight require annual GPS Calibration of alignment tools?

Sunsight does not offer or require, annual calibration of its alignment products because there is no such thing as GPS calibration. We have heard of other companies requiring this “service” for their alignment tools  on an annual or bi-annual basis and providing certificates for it, however, GPS azimuth is calculated utilizing satellite technology and, as such, cannot be “recalibrated.” So long as the antenna alignment tool (AAT) has not been physically altered or damaged, the GPS subsystem used in the AAT will always accurately reference true north. It is Sunsight’s policy not to charge customers for services that are not possible for us to complete.

The AAT’s tilt and roll sensors, however, can be recalibrated by the end-user in the field. The tilt/roll calibration should be checked regularly and recalibrated as necessary. To view Sunsight’s tutorial video regarding tilt/roll calibration checks and recalibration of the AAT’s tilt and roll sensors, please click the following link:


Because the tilt and roll sensors can be recalibrated in the field, Sunsight does not provide calibration certificates, as the antenna alignment tool could be recalibrated the day it leaves our facility, nullifying the certificate. Current AAT firmware versions include the date of the most recent tilt and roll calibration on all PDF site reports generated using the AAT. The user may let this information on the PDF report serve as a certificate of calibration of Tilt and Roll.

This is one of the many factors, including solid powder-coated weather-resistant aluminum housing, no internal moving parts, and no fragile onboard screen, which contribute to Sunsight alignment tools having the lowest cost of ownership in the market.

There are common misconceptions about antenna alignment tools requiring special “services” or “recalibration” that we are working hard to eliminate by providing accurate information to our customers. We will gladly answer any additional questions you or your customers may have, or if you would like to discuss the advantages of the multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) satellite technology incorporated into Sunsight alignment tools.